OKT Chain RPCs

Find over 1 RPCs for OKT Chain. OKT Chain RPCs for Web3 development. Mainnet and Testnet RPCs. Add OKT Chain to Metamask.

BlockchainNetworkRPC URLChain IDNative CurrencyBlock Explorer
OKT ChainMainnet66OKThttps://www.okx.com/explorer/oktc/


How do I add an RPC to RPC Info?

Click the "Add Your RPC" button in the top right corner of the page. Fill out the form and submit it. Your RPC will be reviewed and added to the list if it meets the criteria.

What is an RPC?

An RPC is a public node people use to interact with a blockchain network.

How do I add OKT Chain to Metamask?

Add OKT Chain to Metamask by clicking the Add to Wallet button.